Calls for support for ‘wheelchair swing’

Mark H Durkan.
Mark H Durkan.

SDLP MLA for Foyle, Mark H. Durkan, has called on Derry City and Strabane District Council to give serious consideration to proposals for the provision of a ‘wheelchair friendly’ swing as part of the regeneration of Brooke Park in the Rosemount area of the city.

“I have written to the Council to reiterate the benefits that wheelchair friendly facilities would have for young wheelchair users, their parents and the wider community,” said Mr. Durkan.

“I believe that the current regeneration of Brooke Park presents an excellent opportunity for Council to make provision for a wheelchair swing,” he added.

Mr. Durkan said a ‘wheelchair friendly swing’ would improve the quality of life of many wheelchair users.

“I have no doubt that this would significantly improve the quality of life of these children by allowing them their right to play.

“This would enable disabled children to make use of the new and improved space as much as other children.

“I hope that Council will strive to make provision for what would be an extremely beneficial and very welcome addition to the new play park.”

Mr Durkan also commended local parents and community representatives for raising the issue with Council and for their campaign so far.