Calls for voting rights in North

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Inishowen Sinn Féin councillor, Jack Murray, has called for presidential voting rights to be extended to the Irish diaspora and residents of the Six Counties. Cllr Murray said that the right to vote for the President of Ireland should be right of every Irish citizen, whether they live in Donegal, Derry or Dubai. The Sinn Féin councillor added that if such a move required a constitutional amendment then it should be provided for at the earliest opportunity.

Cllr Murray said: “Extending presidential voting rights to all Irish citizens living on the island of Ireland is a natural outworking of the Good Friday Agreement as it enshrined the rights of people in the north to Irish citizenship.

“Similarly, those who have been forced to emigrate in search of work should be entitled to have their say in who their President should be. Living abroad doesn’t make anyone less Irish.