Cameras nab 468 speeding drivers on busy Limavady road

Close to 500 drivers have been caught speeding on one of Limavady's busiest roads in the last two years, new figures reveal.

Monday, 22nd August 2016, 5:29 pm
Updated Thursday, 25th August 2016, 7:52 pm
Almost 500 drivers were caught speeding on the Ballyquin Road in Limavady in the last two years.

The stretch of road where the detections were made was on the 30 miles per hour Ballyquin Road, where there are two schools and the residential area, The Glens.

The statistics show a total of 224 people were detected, via mobile cameras, speeding on the Ballyquin Road in 2015. A breakdown of the figures reveal 41 detections were made in May 2015 while there were none in June.

This was down on the previous year, when 244 people were detected.

The figures also reveal that in 2014, there were 346 drivers caught speeding on the Foreglen A6 Dungiven Road. In 2015, however, there were only 10 detections, all recorded in April.

The Northern Ireland Road Safety Partnership released the figures as part of a wider publication on detection by cameras across Northern Ireland.

Overall, speeding incidents and people running red lights was up almost 10% in 2015 compared to 2014.

SDLP councillor, John Deighan, said people need to be more aware of the speed limit on the Ballyquin Road, espcially since two schools are situated along the road and there is a sizeable population in The Glens.

“People will give off but the cameras are there for a reason, and that’s people’s safety,” Colr. Deighan told the ‘Journal’.

“I use that road, day and daily, and I see kids from the Glens crossing the road to the shop and people on the footpaths all the time. ‘Cash cow’ is a phrase you will hear bandied about, but the cameras are there to protect people.”

Colr. Deighan added: “People’s safety is paramount.”

The NI Road Safety Partnership states its aim is to support the Road Safety Strategy 2020 by reducing speeding via enforcement as well as delivering education campaigns.