Campaign for road safety measures outside Dernaflaw Primary School

The online campaign was launched on Tuesday
The online campaign was launched on Tuesday

A school principal has launched an online campaign calling for measures to be introduced to improve traffic and pedestrian safety in the area.

St. John’s PS, Dernaflaw principal, John McWilliams, launched the petition on Tuesday.

“The road markings, lighting and pedestrian safety measures in the Dernaflaw area are inadequate and pose a risk to the safety of local residents and those seeking to gain access, by car or foot, to St. John’s Primary School,” he said in a statement posted on

“Turning from the main A6 road to the local Foreglen road is dangerous. Many parents report accidents and near accidents when attempting to make the journey to and from school. Road markings are very poor and difficult to see, too narrow to allow road users to wait safely before turning and there is no lighting! There is no signage to highlight the turn to find St. John’s P.S. (in the recent past an ambulance looking for our school ended up in Dungiven!). Pupils and parents walking to our school and local residents are at risk from traffic travelling at high speeds past the school gate and so traffic calming measures are essential! We are asking for these measures to be put in place and a review of the traffic markings and lighting at the A6 turn off to Foreglen road at Dernaflaw.”

The petition calls on Sinn Fein MLA Cathal Ó hOisín and Sinn Féin councillor Sean McGlinchey to lobby on their behalf.

Among those who have supported the petition since it was launched is one local woman who stated: “I’m signing this petition as I nearly lost my life on this road last November and sustained serious injuries. Major improvement needed before there is a fatality next time!!”

Another woman stated: “I signed this petition because l live on this road. The ‘turning lane’ is extremely dangerous and has already seen enough accidents. The lighting at the end of the street is a joke. Somethings needs to be done.”

A parent said: “My children go to school here and there are high risk safety concerns.”