Canada calls ‘Danny Boy’

The quest to have the world famous Danny Boy played every day in Limavady has taken a transatlantic turn, with the woman pushing the idea stating her case on Canadian national radio.

Sinn Fein Colr Anne Brolly, along with now-retired SDLP Colr Michael Carten, proposed last year to play the world-famous song each day in Limavady from the new Arts and Cultural Centre.

The idea is being investigated by Limavady Borough Council, but local UU councillor Edwin Stevenson believes it’s making “a laughing stock” of the town.

However, Anne Brolly, who won support for the move from US country star Gretchen Peters when she was in town recently, believes otherwise.

“Well I think the response to that is the story was picked up by Canadian radio,” said Colr. Brolly.

She said she received an e-mail from Ben Edwards, a producer with the North American current affairs radio programme ‘As It Happens’, on Friday asking for a short interview to talk about it. ‘As It Happens’ is broadcast across Canada by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and throughout the United States on National Public Radio/PRI.

“In the interview the host said Danny Boy was such a well-known song around the world, but they never knew its origins were in Limavady,” she said. “Anything that gains publicity for the borough can only be a good thing.”

Colr. Brolly said she is sick of listening to “naysayers” thinking of reasons against it.

“I’ve had a very positive response and, we must remember, this isn’t just just for Limavady. It’s for the whole borough. Why not just try it for three months and see what happens?”