‘Caolan loved life and was greatly loved’

a Derry teenager who died after being found unconscious in the city centre last weekend “loved life and was himself greatly loved”, mourners heard on Friday.

Hundreds of people attended the funeral Mass of 19 year-old Caolan Page in the city on Friday to say their final farewells to the St Columb’s College student.

Police have confirmed that the young man died as the result of a tragic accident following a night out with friends in Derry city centre in the early hours of last Saturday. A PSNI spokesman said: “Police investigating the death of Caolan Page do not believe a crime was committed.”

It’s believed that Caolan may have sustained his serious head injuries as the result of a fall.

Three Patrons Parish Priest Fr Michael McCaughey told mourners at Caolan’s funeral that “so many hopes and dreams were shattered” by the death of the young man in the prime of his life.

“As we come to the church to pray, there is so little that we can say or do that can measure the loss and pain of this family and Caolan’s friends.

“Today Caolan is asleep his earthly journey is now complete, his death has come so suddenly, the pain and heartbreak are so intense. At a time like this, the pain and grief clutch so many people - it shows a great sense of loss among people who knew and loved Caolan - people of so many ages - family, school, neighbours.”

He said people were simply people are lost for words at the “nightmare” scenario for Caolan’s family.

Fr McCaughey added: “All that we can offer today in a spirit of faith and love is a sense of shared loss, a word of comfort, an assurance of love. It is important to weep, to grieve for Caolan - but we do so in a spirit of hope – as we cherish many great memories. Today we weep for Caolan - letting go of someone like Caolan is so difficult to understand, creates great pain - so too the disciples had to let go of Jesus in whom they placed so much hope.”

Fr McCaughey spoke of the heartbreak for Caolan’s family and friends.

“Evidently Caolan was loved - it is so obvious pain and heartbreak of any mother in the loss of her son but I can say for Caroline, Caolan was her pride and joy - a great bond for the big fella who was loved so much and he was a central part of family life. Caolan was courteous and kind - caring for others - he radiated a sense of joy for people around him. Of course he treasured going to his Granny’s/Grandad’s in Bloomfield - where hot dogs and sweets were so important. Of course for Caolan, his great friend was the dog ‘Rocket’ – so much he treasured the dog – taking time to walk, fun at the beach and even when he went boating, the dog was there.”