Car overturned at Marianus Park

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A car has crashed into two parked cars and overturned at Marianus Park in Hazelbank this morning.

The driver of the Ford Mondeo car ran away from the scene and due to the severity of the damage caused to the Mondeo and one of the parked cars, police believe the driver may have sustained injuries. They are asking for anyone who can help identify the driver to contact police at Strand Road.

The accident happened shortly before 7am and local SDLP councillor for the area, Shauna Cusack said, “It’s a miracle no-one was seriously hurt. This is a time when many people are going to work and I’m glad to hear that no-one was injured.

“I’m also shocked at how soon another accident has happened after the car crashed into St. Eithne’s school last week. PSNI are aware of reckless driving in the area and I would urge all car owners to make sure their vehicle are secure at night.”