Car pooling move as Derry aims to cut carbon tread

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Members of Derry City and Strabane District Council’s Environment and Regeneration Committee have endorsed the adoption of a new car pooling policy that will allow officers use five electric or hybrid cars in a drive to reduce the city’s carbon footprint.

The move was endorsed after Nicola Hughes, a sustainable development officer with Sustainable NI, told the committee car pooling was one way Derry could play its role in realising the United Nations’ Global Goals 2030.

Ms. Hughes warned that the North has a “very young population over all” and that our population growth will contribute to global temperatures potentially rising by between two to four degrees by 2100 unless action is taken.

She said the council was not powerless and could take action to specifically address the UN’s Global Goal 13, which is centred on ‘Climate Action.’

“It’s really important elected representatives meet this head on,” she said.

Ms. Hughes warned that even a 100 per cent conversion to clean energy would be unlikely to meet the energy requirements of a growing population and that a reduction in consumption of energy will be necessary.

She said the council could help achieve this through better urban design using its Local Development Plan and regional development plans and by promoting public transport and modal shift

She also encouraged the council to set up low carbon partnerships with other local authorities.