Cartoonists show futility of Palestinian-Israeli conflict


An international group of acclaimed cartoonists will demonstrate the destructive absurdity of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict through an exhibition of cartoons which will be on display at The Playhouse this month.

The exhibition, which will be opened on United Nations Day, Monday, October 24 at 1pm, features some 35 cartoonists from more than 20 countries, and is the idea of The Parents’ Circle, a group of bereaved Palestinian and Israeli families who wanted to highlight the futility of violence in the region.

Artists who have contributed work to Cartooning in Conflict include Pulitzer Prize winners Pat Oliphant and Jim Morin; Polish-born satirist Andrzej Krauze; Britain’s David Bromley, and Japan’s Norio Yamanoi.

“Cartoons by their very nature can be abusive and extreme, funny and painful. The truth comes out with just a few strokes of the brush” said Robi Damelin, a member of the Parents Circle - Families Forum, who came up with the idea for the exhibition. Robi’s son David, 28, a student at Tel Aviv University, was serving as a reservist in the Israeli army when he was killed by a Palestinian sniper.

The organisation has brought the exhibition to The Playhouse in partnership with The Playhouse International Culture Arts Network (ICAN).

A series of activities are planned throughout the week. The first is a Dialogue discussion on people’s impressions of the Cartoons, on Tuesday, October 25, at 7pm, and on Wednesday, October 26, interested school groups are invited to join in from 10am-12pm. Booking is essential.

All events are free. Contact Elaine Forde ICAN coordinator on: 71.268027 or: