Cat rescued in Derry now enjoying life in Canada

A cat rescued by a local animal charity is enjoying a new life in Canada.

Nellie that cat was taken in by the Rainbow Rehoming Centre in Derry last year and was adopted by a local family who subsequently emigrated to Canada.

Nellie the cat is now enjoying life in Canada.

Nellie the cat is now enjoying life in Canada.

In a bid to show just how much Nellie is enjoying her new life thousands of miles away her new family sent a video to the Rainbow Rehoming Centre.

Nellie can be seen making her way through grass towards her new owner in the back garden of a house in Canada.

The Rainbow Rehoming Centre shared the video on Facebook on Sunday at the time of publishing this article it had been viewed more than 2000 times.

“Isn’t it wonderful guys to see Nellie enjoying a new life in beautiful Canada with her family who emigrated earlier in this year.

One of Nellie’s favourite hobbies is chasing the chipmunks,” read a post on the Rainbow Rehoming Centre’s Facebook page.

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