Ceiling collapses after thieves break into home

A young Derry mother was left stunned after thieves broke into her home and stole her boiler causing substantial flooding and the ceiling to collapse in her kitchen.

25 year old Ciera Coyle had been waiting for a four bedroom house from APEX since September when she took on the role as carer of her two younger siblings.

She was finally told last month that a property had become available for her in Glendale Park.

“Last year my daddy died and my mammy had kidney failure so we decided my nine year old sister and 13 year old brother would move in with me,” she explained.

“I live in a two bedroom flat with my two and a half year old son, so things are cramped. My brother has ADHD so he really needs his own room. This was the first four bedroom house to come up since September.

“I was originally told that I could move in last month but the boiler was stolen. No damage was done but APEX said they would put in a new kitchen and do it up a bit.

“I was then due to move in this Friday so I went to see the house at the weekend. As soon as I pulled up to the house I could hear water gushing. I went into the house and couldn’t believe it. The ceiling had completely fallen through in the living room and the kitchen and the place was flooded.”

Ciera continued: “The police have taken finger prints and gone door to door but no one seems to have seen anything. They said copper is like gold once you send it for scrap.”

A spokesperson from Apex explained that repairs on the property are now near completion following the theft of the hot water cylinder. She added that they are hopeful that Ciera can return to her house on Monday.