Celebrate Limavady 400 with your own ‘family tree’

In celebrating Limavady 400th anniversary of the granting of the town charter, the local borourgh council has organised a number of events to get the community involved over the past year.

From breaking and setting world records, Council has been keen to see as much community participation as possible. They also want to make sure the legacy of the year lives on once the year is over.

Now Limavady Borough Council is offering the local community what they say is “a one-off legacy gift”, by inviting local people to claim and plant a ‘Limavady 400’ tree this autumn.

Special sites across the Borough have been earmarked as planting sites for trees, but it is hoped up to 200 trees will also take pride of place on private properties across Limavady and the surrounding countryside, said a Council spokesperson.

A total of 400 trees will be planted as part of the project.

“This is a fantastic way to celebrate the legacy of Limavady’s 400th birthday in a very personal way,” said Limavady Mayor Gerry Mullan.

“It will be a family tree in the truest sense of the word.”

“Trees form a hugely important part of the Roe Valley landscape, from the ancient woods of Banagher Glen to Roe Valley Country Park and the many upland areas of forest, as well as in our towns, villages and along the road sides,” said the Council spokesperson.

“To see Limavady’s love affair with trees continue local schools are being offered the opportunity to plant a number of trees in their grounds with further of trees being made available to local community groups.”

If you would like to “claim a tree”, Council advise emailing Limavady 400 coordinator Andy Chapman at andy.chapman@limavady.gov.uk and leave your name, address and contact telephone number. You can call into Council offices, or phone 028 777 60304.