Celebrity chefs support Derry for Foodie Destination title

'Having been to Northern Ireland many times, my most recent visit being to Derry, I was surprised at the number of fabulous places to eat offering such high quality produce. There's a distinct lack of culinary awards given to the establishments and more recognition should be given to this part of Ireland.'

Monday, 5th September 2016, 2:06 pm
Updated Monday, 5th September 2016, 4:11 pm
Brian McDermott

Jean-Christophe Novelli

“I have always been passionate about food and that is definitely something I have in common with foodies in Derry. I had a great time at the Big Cheese and Beer event in April when I got a chance to meet many of the local food ambassadors - chefs, restaurateurs, artisan food producers and craft beer brewers. There is no doubt that Derry deserves to be Foodie Destination 2016 and I would urge everyone to help the city win the title by voting for Derry before September 9th!”

Sean Wilson

Emmett McCourt

“With 2016 being the Year of Food and Drink throughout Northern Ireland, the City of Derry has totally captured the imagination of the community through their prestigious events such as the Clipper Race Kitchens which brought to an audience both young and old awareness of the best of the local produce. I thoroughly enjoyed being part of the festival events, cooking and promoting prime produce. It was a delight for me to return a few weeks later to film at the iconic Peace Bridge with the Guildhall and Walled City as a backdrop to continue and support the enthusiasm of the city.”

Jenny Bristow

“Derry is a unique food destination - world class chefs cook great food using the bountiful larder that surrounds them - fish from the lough, meat and dairy from lush pastures and stunning vegetables that benefit from nutrient rich soil reclaimed from the sea. Some of the best food and local drink I’ve had in the past year has been served to me in the city. Please get behind the Foodie Destination nomination and vote for the city. Derry was runner up last year - help bring it home this year!”

Paula McIntyre

Ian Orr. Photo Stephen Latimer

“As a foodie destination Derry is definitely on a roll. Great hospitality, fab restaurants, world class local produce, fun food festivals…oh and did I mention great hospitality?”

Paul Rankin

“We have the best local food produce in Ireland, the restaurant scene is getting massive in Derry and it’s also great that the city currently has the Best Restaurant in Ulster 2016 which was awarded to Browns by the Restaurants Association of Ireland. Particularly given the development in the city’s food offer over the past year since Derry was runner-up in Foodie Towns, I think this could be our year!”

Ian Orr

Emmett McCourt

“Wherever I go to foodie destinations nationally I have found a shift in the conversation in terms of what is happening in Derry and the inquisitiveness from key players. The Foodie Destination title is one that everybody can own and feel part of; it can be shared back into the establishments so that customers and visitors will get an enhanced experience.”

Brian McDermott

“Our food offer has come of age. We have the best chefs, the best restaurants, artisan producers and suppliers, many of whom have sprung up during the last ten years. Our geographical location bordering Donegal is one of our biggest strengths and we have a very strong Irish food heritage story to tell the world.”

Emmett McCourt

Ian Orr. Photo Stephen Latimer