Chamber chief calls on politicians to do the deal and establish stable government to tackle challenges ahead

The Chief Executive of the Londonderry Chamber of Commerce Sinead McLaughlin has co-signed an open letter to the incoming Assembly calling for leadership during what promise to be tumultous times ahead in the aftermath of tomorrow's election.

Wednesday, 1st March 2017, 11:48 am
Updated Friday, 24th March 2017, 10:55 am
Sinead McLaughlin, chief executive of Derry's Chamber of Commerce.
Sinead McLaughlin, chief executive of Derry's Chamber of Commerce.

The letter, which was also signed by fellow Derry natives, Ann McGregor of the Northern Ireland Chamber of Commerce, Patrick Johnston, the Vice Chancellor of Queen’s University, and Stephen Kelly, Chief Executive of Manufacturing Northern Ireland, urges local political leaders to show mutual respect and compromise in order to establish a stable power-sharing Executive and safeguard the peace.

“Political participation through the electoral system is a responsibility all our citizens share whether young

or old. Given the immense changes that lie ahead as the United Kingdom leaves the European Union, the economic stakes for Northern Ireland are exceptionally high,” the letter reads.

“This in turn has clear implications for the peace process. People across Northern Ireland deserve a government that works and represents their economic and social interests.

“We implore Northern Ireland citizens to be clear in their ambitions for the future of this region and make their voice and their values heard at the ballot box and represented in our future local government,” it adds.

The business and civic society leaders demand that after the election “a new devolved government must ensure that Northern Ireland’s economic, social and political interests are accurately and clearly represented at both the UK and European level seeking to ensure a the minimum level of disruption”.

The letter was supported by the CBI, NI Chamber of Commerce and Industry, NI Council for Voluntary Action, FSB, Queen’s University Belfast, Ulster University, Manufacturing Northern Ireland, Institute of Directors, Northern Ireland Independent Retail Association, Quarry Products Association Northern Ireland, Quarry Products Association Northern Ireland, Northern Ireland Retail Consortium, Northern Ireland Food & Drink Association, Ulster Farmers Union, and, Londonderry Chamber of Commerce.