‘Chaos’ in Rosemount

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Journal News

Police were forced into Rosemount on Friday night to try and contain disruption caused by gangs of youths who attacked a van belonging to Derry City Council wardens.

Up to 60 young people, armed with large amounts of alcohol, converged on the residential areas of Baldrick Crescent and Osborne Street shortly after 8pm on Friday, creating what one resident has described as a volatile atmosphere.

The resident, who did not wish to be named to protect her own safety, said the elements involved in the latest incident of anti-social behaviour were intimidating and potentially violent.

She says she’s now adamant that the only way the problem will be curbed is by gating off hotspot areas between Baldrick Crescent, Osborne Street and near Meadowview Crescent.

“Police were on the scene quickly on Friday night and handled things as well as they could, but anyone could see that it was just a game of cat and mouse with the young people running off down alleyways,” the resident said.

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The resident added: “Changing the layout is the only sensible option. At this point, we dread the summer coming.

“I was supposed to go away overnight this weekend but I’m too afraid to leave the house empty now.

“It’s no way to live and something has to change with this sooner rather than later,” she added.

A PSNI spokesperson confirmed that police had attended the area on Friday and confiscated a ‘large’ quantity of alcohol.

A council spokesperson added: “Community Safety Wardens responded to a number of calls from residents at Baldrick Crescent regarding a large crowd of youths that had gathered in the area. The vehicle, in which the wardens had been travelling, was hit by an object, however there was no damage.”