Charity banners theft branded ‘pure vandalism’

Banners advertising two charity events in Derry have gone missing in the city’s Waterside.

It’s believed the banners were removed from railings at St Columb’s Park in the early hours of Saturday April 16.

The banners were in place to advertise two events at the park in coming days - Foyle Hospice’s Bark in the Park, on May 8, and the Rainbow Centre’s Easter Monday Doggy Eggs-travaganza.

Staff at the park have searched the grounds and surrounding area but still haven’t located the missing banners.

Rachel Bruce, Community Fundraiser with the Foyle Hospice, branded the theft “pure vandalism.”

“We were very shocked to discover our banner and the Rainbow Centre’s banner had been pulled down and, in effect, stolen,” she said.

“We had a similar banner in place last year for our annual event and it remained untouched for the six weeks running up to the event.

“We felt the added expense of producing the banner was worth it to advertise the event again this year.

“This is an act of pure vandalism and we are very disappointed.

“However, our event will go ahead on May 8 and we hope our supporters are able to turn out and have a great day.”

Registration for Bark in the Park costs £6 per dog and all dogs receive a goodie bag as well as a certificate.

For further information and registration packs, contact the Foyle Hospice Fundraising Centre at 61, Culmore Road. Tel: (028) 71 359888 or by e-mail at