Charity cyclist pushed off bike

A cyclist attempting to pedal the length of Ireland for charity says he was left badly shaken after someone in a passing car deliberately pushed him off his bike on the outskirts of Derry.

English cyclist Ian Mayhew and his girlfriend were cycling along the Culmore Road late on Saturday afternoon when he says a passenger in a silver Ford Focus leaned out the window and struck him.

“It was most certainly deliberate,” Ian told the ‘Journal’ yesterday. “The driver of the vehicle pulled his car alongside me as I pedalled and closed the gap between me, the kerb at the edge of the road. The rear seat passenger leaned out of the car and deliberately hit me causing me to fall off, hitting the kerb and pavement.”

Ian says he sustained minor injuries to his head and knee, and some damage to his bike, but says things “could have been a lot worse.”

“This is our first time in Ireland and I have to say the people who did this are the absolute antithesis of everything we heard about Irish people.

“But the incident was witnessed by several people who were kind enough to stop and help. The generosity of spirit of those who stopped to help was amazing.”

The cyclist says he has since contacted the PSNI and was able to pass on the licence plate of the car. He urged anyone with information about the incident to contact police.

Ian and his partner are currently cycling from Malin Head to Mizen Head as part of charity cycle, and are specifically trying to raise awareness of muscular dystrophy, a condition that a friend’s two sons have recently been diagnosed with.