Charity Maths for Children in Crossfire

Local charity Children in Crossfire have teamed up with Franz Schlindwein of Qubizm in a partnership seen by many as a match made in binary heaven.

Since 2010 Franz had been running The LASCO Maths Challenge and over the last five years 40,000 children from schools all over Ireland, United Kingdom and abroad have collaborated and competed together to raise more than £40,000, helping deliver health care and education programmes to street children in South America.

The new partnership with Children in Crossfire will enable the competition to reach its full potential, sustain the commitment to the street children of South America, and provide much needed support to the most vulnerable children in Ethiopia and Tanzania.

Schools can register on the website

Local teachers are being encouraged to choose a quiz appropriate to the ability range of the pupils in their class from one of the six categories available. Children work together on the tasks and submit one answer sheet per class via the online system on the website.

The school can participate in the challenge any time during the first two weeks of February 2015 and can enter as many classes of pupils as desired to take part.

Some larger schools enter up to 800 pupils across all year groups during the two weeks. Each child taking part can give a voluntary donation of £1 and with a guaranteed prize of £500 for each category; very many schools have already registered.

The event not only helps promote a positive ethos of mathematics in schools and gives children a stimulating and rewarding shared learning experience.

See for testimonials, sample questions and how to register.