Cheerleading dream for Dungiven girls

Cheerleaders Robyn Harkin and Aisling Daly from Dungiven. INLV1015-005KDR
Cheerleaders Robyn Harkin and Aisling Daly from Dungiven. INLV1015-005KDR

It was a sport Robyn Harkin from Dungiven fell in love with in the movies but now she is living the dream, albeit minus the pom-poms.

The 14-year-old is part of the winning ACS team that was crowned UKCA Cheerleading champions in Antrim, winning first place in the senior category.

Robyn (seen here on the left)and fellow Dungiven teen, 16-year-old Aisling Daly joined ACS late last year.

“I always wanted to be a cheerleader,” says Robyn, “since seeing it in movies, but I thought it was only in America. I love it, and the atmosphere at the competition in Antrim was amazing. It was class.”

Aisling agrees. She says it’s a demanding sport which involves serious trust among members, especially those who end up several feet in the air.

“There are so many different moves involved, and it’s just really good fun. It’s been great getting to know other girls,” says Aisling.

Both girls say they train hard, and for several hours at a time. Compared to an hour-long session for ladies GAA for Robyn, and around the same for Aisling at camogie, with ACS they have four-hour training sessions.

“We work on getting everything perfect. It’s hard work, but it’s worth it,” says Aisling.

Both girls are looking forward to performing and competing more.

Check out the team’s ACS Cheerleaders Facebook page, and watch their winning performance on YouTube at