Chekhov’s silly side!

To mark the 150th anniversary of Anton Chekhov’s birth, the silly side of Russia’s most celebrated playwright will be on show at The Playhouse next month.

European Arts Company will set out to show the lighter side of the famed short-story writer and playwright.

The comedy-filled evening on Saturday, April 16 consists of five short pieces that Anton Chekhov wrote before the full length plays, ‘The Evils of Tobacco’, ‘The Dimwit’, ‘The Bear’, ‘Swansong’ and ‘The Proposal’.

Touring all over England, Scotland and Northern Ireland from March to May, the show has been described as ‘a perfect introduction to the wonderful world of Chekhov’. The tour also follows the recent success of a TV series of the sketches by Steve Coogan, Johnny Vegas, Julia Davis and Julian Barratt of The Mighty Boosh on Sky Arts.

Culture Guide said “European Arts Company really takes the audience by storm…a surreal performance, witty and hilarious, full of energy talent and creativity.”

Director Jonathan Kemp said: “They represent an important moment in the development of Chekhov as a writer. They combine all the tragic-comic beauty of the longer plays with the silliness of a sketch show’. This is Chekhov at his comic best, before Uncle Vanya started shooting, The Seagull got stuffed, The Three Sisters started moaning and The Cherry Orchard was ‘car-parked’.”

Áine McCarron, theatre programmer at The Playhouse said: “It is so refreshing to see the Russian Master using the lighter touch if these delightful and crowd-pleasing comedy sketches. The evening will prove once and for all that Chekhov wasn’t all doom and gloom, but a very funny man!”

Tickets are on sale for ‘Chekhov’s Shorts’ at The Playhouse on Saturday, April 16, at 8pm, priced £11/ £8 and can be bought online or contact the Box Office on: 71. 268027.