Chicken run children are ‘dicing with death’ - Ramsey

SDLP's Pat Ramsey.  (1005JB04)
SDLP's Pat Ramsey. (1005JB04)

Primary schoolchildren across the city are risking their lives playing a new high risk game which involves them running out in front of moving vehicles.

The game, known as ‘Chicken Run’, has youngsters racing running out in front of cars as they pass to try and make it across the road safely.

SDLP MLA Pat Ramsey said he was approached about the dangerous practice last week in regards to the Trench Road area.

Now he believes the game is at “epidemic levels” throughout the city.

“We’ve reports of it in the Waterside, the Brandywell, the Bogside, Shantallow - all over. And we are talking about very young children.

“I don’t believe there is any badness involved - these are children playing without realising how dangerous their actions are. But I have no doubt if this continues a child will be seriously injured or killed.”

“I would urge parents and schools to talk to children about this issue. We need to get this stopped before we have a tragedy on our hands.”