Children in Crossfire launch Santa appeal

Children in Crossfire are beginning their annual Santa’s Big Fundraiser Appeal to raise money for their Malaria appeal.

Friday, 22nd November 2019, 10:29 am
The annual Santa Children in Crossfire appeal aims to raise over 5,000 this festive season.

The fund was established in 2006 when 23-year-old Christopher Gallagher from Shantallow in Derry became a victim of the disease, one of the biggest killer diseases in the world.

A spokesman dor CIC said: “While the disease is preventable and treatable it kills up to 800,000 people each year mainly in the African continent and 3.4 billion people will come into contact with the disease through travelling in hotspots of the world.

The most worrying statistic of all is that young children under the age of 5yrs are the most vulnerable with an estimated figure of 86 - 90% of the above quote, dying due to their low immunity and high risk to the disease.

“One of the major factors that has led to the increased risk of malaria and other diseases and illnesses is the extreme lack of hygiene and the delivery of excellent health care. On top of all this malnutrition, the lack of clean water and starvation has also played an extreme part in increasing the risk of disease to the most vulnerable.

It has been proven that Mosquito nets, repellents, putting clean water in place and medicines play a vital part in reducing the risk together with combating malnutrition.”

Last year over £5,250 was raised by the appeal and they are aiming to raise a similar amount this christmas season.

“It is very easy for the public to get involved in the fundraising. Just simply come along anytime to the Guildhall from the time of the turning on of the lights, through until the 6 th January of the following year and donate to the bin.

You can also donate to the Just Giving page by logging on to