Children in Crossfire’s Midnight Dander

Last June, on the day of the official opening of the Peace Bridge, a group of committed Children in Crossfire supporters walked arm in arm over the iconic new structure that physically and psychologically unites both sides of the city.

The group had just returned from a cultural trip to Tanzania. Exhilarated and deeply moved by the positive impact of Children in Crossfire’s Tanzanian programme, they decided to organise a ‘Midnight Dander’.

One of the participants, Dr Diarmuid DeBurca, said, “Through our cultural trip to Tanzania we were most privileged and honoured to be allowed into the heart of the organisation that is Children in Crossfire to meet, embrace and learn from the people whose lives depend on it.

“We had a unique opportunity to experience and study the interaction between the providers of the services delivered by Children in Crossfire and their main beneficiaries - primarily the children on the ground in some of the most deprived communities on the planet.”

Following on from the first Midnight Dander, the group has been meeting every Wednesday night preparing for the second annual event which will take place on Friday, 31st August.

Dr Diarmuid DeBurca who is extremely excited about this year’s event, explained his motivation: “To encapsulate the impact of our trip to Tanzania in a few words I felt many of the group were visibly inspired to move from a less passive to a more active compassion for our fellow humans.

“Children in Crossfire’s patron His Holiness the Dalai Lama reflected this concept somewhat more eloquently when he said that every individual has a responsibility to help guide our global family in the right direction. Good wishes are not sufficient - we must become actively engaged.”

Entry for the event is £5. For more details on how to get involved in this, please contact JR McLaughlin at Children in Crossfire on 028 7126 9898 or email

The walkers shall meet at Sainsbury’s Car park Strand Road at 11.30pm Friday, 31st August to walk from Sainsbury’s over the Peace Bridge to Ebrington.

Each person participating shall be given a garland and torch and there will be snacks and refreshments provided.