Children’s charity need help with Libyan appeal

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The head of Save the Children in the North has asked people in Derry to help raise £1million to help the 1 million children caught up in the unrest in Libya.

Fergus Cooper, the charity’s chief, says time is of the essence for many children in the strife torn African country.

“Children we have spoken to in Libya have been telling us how frightened they are of what could happen next, from running out of food to being orphaned by the violence,” he says.

“It absolutely essential that we are ready to help as soon as we can reach them.”

The charity estimates that one million children are at risk because of violence and potential food shortages in the west of the country.

Save the Children has emergency response teams in Eastern Libya, Egypt and on the Tunisian border.

Money raised by the appeal will be used in Eastern Libya for child protection activities and for support for essential services such as schools and hospitals.

To donate to Save the Children’s work in Libya call 0800 8148 148 or visit