Choc-a-bloc in Inishowen

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Last week there wasn’t a spare room to be found in all of Inishowen.

That’s according to Jennifer O’Donnell of Inishowen Tourism who yesterday told the Journal that the peninsula had its biggest economic boost ‘in years’ because of the Fleadh in Derry.

She stated: “It was choc-a-bloc. Just about every hotel, bed and breakfast etc was at full capacity.

“And we here in Inishowen Tourism had our busiest week ever.”

Ms. O’Donnell, who is Inishowen Tourism’s Liasion Officer with the ‘City of Culture’ in Derry said it was vital that Inishowen was involved in what was going on in Derry.

She commented: “There is no doubt that we have benfited greatly from the overflow from Derry.

“And the even better news is that many people who came to Derry for the Fleadh are now coming here to spend a few days more in Inishowen.

“This is the biggest boost our economy has got in a very long time.”

Kathleen Gill, Marketing Manager with Inishowen Tourism, said having Jennifer O’Donnell working with the City of Culture committee had proved vital.

“The number of foreign visitors coming to Inishowen this year is off the scale.

“Our international visitor numbers are up big time.

“The City of Culture has opened up the market and we are benefiting from that. Having Jennifer on the committee has proved a bit of a master stroke as it was vital we got Derry’s overflow. And we did!”