Christopher lands Snoopadelic Support

Christopher Ferry.
Christopher Ferry.

Derry DJ Christopher Ferry got a big surprise this week when he discovered that he would be sharing a stage with rapper Snoop Dogg.

Christopher will play a 45 minute DJ set in front of an expected 10,000 people before the DJ Snoopadelic tour takes to the stage at Ebrington.

Christopher’s regular ‘Hip hop Sessions’ every weekend in the city have proven very popular. He thinks that it is because of the support for the sessions and the fact he is one of the few performing hip hop that he was chosen. Speaking from home in Capall Court, the news is still almost too good to be true for the Derry DJ: ‘I have been doing Hip hop Sessions for a while, and they always attract a crowd and get plenty of support. About two months ago I started to hear rumours that I was being considered to support Snoop Dogg but I didn’t think too much about it. I got official word on Tuesday. I grew up listening to this type of music, and now to get to share the same stage with the likes of Snoop Dogg is just mind blowing!

‘This is definitely my biggest stage so far. I started listening to hip hop when I was 14 and I began DJing in the Nucleus when I was 15. I was doing hip hop when it was more of a death metal scene in there. It’s only recently that hip-hop is surfacing. There is a lot in Belfast but I am the only person in Derry doing this kind of thing. It’s really good to see.

‘I started Hip hop Sessions as a bit of craic, but it has really taken off. I try to make it more of a performance, and not just a DJ set.’

Christopher works seven days a week, he has two day jobs on top of the Djing. ‘I love that type of music and I really enjoy what I do. I don’t see it as a job.’

So what are his hopes for the big performance on the stage that has recently held MTV Crashes? ‘I just hope people enjoy the set and I want to keep Hip hop Sessions going! My aim would be to be on a level with Kwa Daniels’ Bounce and The Queen and Disco. I’d like to say thank you to everyone who supported my Hip Hop Sessions. I truly believe that this is down to them!’

Christopher will be kicking off the DJ Snoopadelic Tour in Ebrington on October 23 and Hip Hop Sessions continue on Saturday night in The Grand Central Bar. It is understood that Snoop Dogg will perform some rap songs as well as his DJ set. Tickets available at Ticketmaster and Cool Disc.. COMPETITION: Legacy Promotions have teamed up with the Journal to offer five sets of tickets to DJ Snoopadelic.. To win phone 71272200 and leave your details. Winners announced on Monday October 20.