Church and community workshops

Derry City Council and Limavady Borough Council Community Relations teams are working together to organise an event aimed at looking at creative ways in which churches, community groups and charities can work collectively to tackle unemployment.

The event entitled: ‘Churches, Communities and Unemployment’, will take place at the Whitehorse Hotel, Campsie, on Tuesday, 12 November from 9.45 am to 4pm.

Facilitated by Des McCabe, Diversiton, participants will learn about a workcentres concept and look at various alternative approaches to help local people in need of income.

The morning programme of the conference will explore the ‘Work it out’ concept and ‘Next Step’ concept as approaches to generating income and helping those most in need. It will discuss the gap in this type of provision and the opportunities for churches and communities and explore the ‘Work Centre’ concept – the practicalities around what this requires and how it operates – to see if there is local interest.

After lunch there will be an opportunity for those who are interested in the concepts to stay on and network with other local organizations present to see if any practical action can be taken to follow up on the discussions.

‘Under Council’s Good Relations Strategy people consulted were keen to find issues which all communities were interested in working together on.

Applications are open to all but in the event of oversubscription, priority will be given to those who live, work or volunteer within the Derry City Council area or Limavady Borough Council area.

To obtain an application form contact Tel: 71365151 ext 8221.