City Council to re-advertise Strategic Director post

Derry City Council is to re-advertise for a third Strategic Director who’ll be paid up to £75,000.

The ‘Journal’ has learned that, following a recent recruitment process for the position, no appointment was made.

Council has confirmed that it will be re-advertising the post in the coming weeks.

The local authority already has two strategic directors - Anthony Tohill and John Kelpie.

According to the original notice for the post - advertised in March - the new official will play a key role in “building a new and dynamic future” for Derry.

At that time, the local authority said it was looking to appoint someone with “entrepreneurial flair, leadership qualities and visionary ambition.”

The original advert for the job read: “As Strategic Director, you will be required to be visionary with exceptional management and communication skills.

“You will have responsibility for developing initiatives to support strategic growth sectors including digitial development, tourism, heritage, leisure and culture.

“You will be required to work effectively in partnership with key agencies and deliver a catalyst for change in terms of economic growth and community development.”