Civil Rights Movement pioneers back Gillespie

Sha Gillespie. 2608JM04
Sha Gillespie. 2608JM04

Three prominent members of the local civil rights movement in Derry have backed People Before Profit candidate, Sha Gillespie, in the up and coming Derry City Council election.

Eamon McCann, Dermie McClenghan and Bernadette McAliskey issued a joint statement saying that Ms Gillespie had “no equal” locally and that only way to avoid sectarianism was to vote for her on May 22.

“Sha Gillespie has no equal in Derry as a fighter for everyone in the bottom half of society.

“Sha wants rid of politics of Orange versus Green - so we can pursue a radical agenda without checking we aren’t alienating anybody on “our own” side.

“Sha says straight that she isn’t Nationalist or Unionist. The way to vote against sectarianism is to vote for Sha,” the statement read.

The statement went on to describe Ms. Gillepsie as “as an honest, courageous working-class woman”.

“People Before Profit is fighting on the same basis in Belfast, Dublin, Kerry, Donegal, Dun Laoghaire, Meath, etc. This is our “all-Ireland dimension”.

“There are few grass-roots campaigns in Derry that People Before Profit isn’t involved in. We don’t focus on promoting our “brand”.

“But everybody struggling for a better life knows that our contribution has been out of proportion to our size.

“Sha is adamant in support for the Housing Executive – a creation of the civil rights movement, now under threat of privatisation which would mean transfer of 88,000 homes to the private sector, loss of jobs, higher rents, no accountability.

“We know Sha as an honest, courageous working-class woman with a brilliant record of standing up for the oppressed. Sha is a leading campaigner for LGBT rights. She would shake up council politics like no other candidate.

“Make a break for the future and give Sha your number one.”