Clampdown on illegal car parking highlights need for scheme

A clampdown on illegal car parking saw over a dozen motorists ticketed and underlined the need for a residents' parking scheme in the Bogside, according to a local councillor.

Friday, 11th January 2019, 8:15 pm

Up to 19 tickets were issued on just one day this week, according to the PSNI who asked motorists to show greater consideration.

On Tuesday a blitz by the force’s Bogside Brandywell and Fountain Neighbourhood Policing Team saw bookings for a range of offences such as parking on the pavement, parking within 15 metres of a junction and obstructing the roads or footpaths.

“Please be considerate for members of the community who are affected by inconsiderate parking,” said the PSNI.

“Think of the mums, dads, grandparents, who have to take young children and buggies onto the road because they can’t get past your car.

“Or the person who has sight/mobility problems. Maybe an elderly neighbour who isn’t too steady on their feet and couldn’t manage walking up and down the kerbs. You are asking these people to negotiate busy roads. When parking at a junction you are obstructing the visibility for motorists and pedestrians. This could cause serious incidents. We will continue to issue tickets to those who commit these offences,” officers added.

The drive was welcomed by Sinn Féin Councillor Sharon Duddy who has been among those campaigning for a parking scheme for the area.

Residents have been lobbying for a permanent parking solution for the off-city centre location for over a decade. This week’s clampdown has emphasised the pressing need for a scheme, according to Colr. Duddy.

She said: “It’s imperative that we find a lasting solution to parking problems in the area.

“In fact it’s hard to believe we have been campaigning for the introduction of a residents parking scheme here since 2007. The Triax management team have also been working very hard on the issue over many years. A formal consultation on plans to introduce a scheme in the Bogside took place just last year. As part of the consultation Sinn Féin made a number of submissions. It is vital that resident’s views are taken on board and that we get this scheme right from the outset and hopefully form a template that can be used in other areas of our city affected by chronic parking problems.”

A statutory rule that will designate parking places restricted to residents between 10.00 am and noon and 2.00 pm and 4.00 pm from Monday to Saturday in the Bogside has been drafted by the Department of Infrastucture but awaits implementation.