Clinton sends Derry’s Inez well wishes

Inez McCormack. LS49-108KM
Inez McCormack. LS49-108KM

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton gave a special mention to well known Derry based trade unionist campaigner Inez McCormack during her visit to Ireland this week. Mrs. Clinton told an invited audience at Dublin City University on Friday about a discussion she had enjoyed with Mrs. McCormack during a previous meeting in Belfast.

She also expressed her good wishes to the prominent human rights activist who is currently ill and spoke of how she had personally contacted her by phone to wish her well.

Referring to the cross community meeting in Belfast where the two women first met, Mrs. Clinton said: “One of the people at that meeting was a great friend of mine, Inez McCormack, a labor leader in Northern Ireland who had fought for the rights of working people, had taken up the cause of peace and reconciliation, and worked tirelessly to bring the communities together around issues of economic justice and fairness, and paid particular attention to the vital voices of women.

“Inez lives in Derry, where she’s fighting cancer, and I called her before coming here to check in on her, and asked her how she was doing. She’s very brave and putting up with all the treatments, knowing that it’s a hard road for her. And she did not want to talk about herself; she wanted to talk about her daughter, who moved up the date of her wedding, which made her very happy.”

Mrs. Clinton added: She (Inez) wanted to talk about how we had to keep working to bring people together so that they would recognize the common humanity and experience in the other, the fact that they want to be part of a family and a community; a good job and a livelihood; a chance to learn and try to make sense of the world; to seek meaning and fulfillment in their choice of religious faith and practice.”

The Secretary of State arrived in Belfast on Friday where she met with the North’s First and Deputy First Ministers.