Cockhill Bridge Action Group protest hailed a “success.”

The protest at Cockhill Bridge.
The protest at Cockhill Bridge.

Approximately 150 members of the community went out in force on Friday to a protest at Cockhill Bridge.

The protest was organised by the Cockhill Bridge Action Group, whose members are calling upon Donegal County Council to erect a footbridge at the location in the interests of road and pedestrian safety.

A spokesperson for the group told the ‘Journal’ they were “very happy” with the turnout on the day, but were “disappointed” that none of the peninsula’s elected representatives showed up.

He added that they were heartened by the support they received on the day from passing motorists and the Cockhill community.

The group now intends to organise a ‘flashmob’ protest at the bridge in mid-October next.

Speaking at the protest on Friday, spokesperson John O’Keeffe thanked all those in attendance.

He said they had gathered at the bridge to protest about how dangerous it is for pedestrians and how much a “daily burden” it is for the local community.

He called upon Inishowen’s nine elected councillors and Donegal North East Deputy Joe McHugh to “unite” together on the issue and “prove to the electorate they can get the job done.”

They urged councillors to “remember” that Cockhill Bridge is a “standalone issue” and is “totally separate from the long way overdue three million bridge.”

Mr O’Keeffe added: “The plans for that road bridge go far back as 1994 and let me make it clear here today, no footbridge for Cockhill Bridge ever caused its delay.”

He told those gathered that even if a new bridge was sanctioned, “Cockhill Bridge will still require safe access for pedestrians.”

“So please Councillors, respect our complaints, respect our petitions and respect our protest.”

He added: “We are trying to save lives, so do your job and help us prevent another unecessary loss of life on our Donegal roads.”

Mr O’Keeffe added: “To finish, and I know some Councillors don’t like this word, Cockhill Bridge is a disgrace.”

Speaking to the Journal following the protest, Mr O’Keeffe said it was “extremely disappointing” that none of Inishowen’s elected representatives attended the protest.

“We are their voters after all,” he said.

“It was particularly disappointing that the Buncrana councillors didn’t turn up and I’ve sent an email to them expressing that. Our councillors need to show leadership on this issue. But, the protest was a success and we’re very happy with how it all went.”