Cockhill Bridge remains a priority - McHugh

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Deputy Joe McHugh says Buncrana’s Cockhill Bridge project remains one of his priorities and that he will continue to make representation to government on it.

The Donegal deputy was speaking after welcoming the announcement from the Department of Transport, that Donegal County Council will receive almost €19 Million in funding for the improvement and maintenance of the regional and local road network in the county.

The Fine Gael representative said:“We are all aware of the difficult financial times we are in, which is why today’s announcement that Donegal will receive almost €19 Million in funding, close to the same amount received last year, is such a positive one.”

He said the additional funding is to be used for surface restoration works, strengthening and maintenance of roads, road safety works and the rehabilitation of bridges.

He commented:“I have been, and will continue to, push and make representations for the Letterkenny/Lifford road, the Strabane/Lifford Bridge, the Bonagee link road and the Cockhill Bridge.

“There is still ongoing work that needs serious attention and I will continue to work with both local authorities and my colleagues in Government to ensure these vital projects are continually moving in the right direction.”

Deputy McHugh said that in his role as Chairperson of the Good Friday Agreement Committee, he continued to work with colleagues North of the border in keeping the A5 top of the Agenda.

He stated: “The Irish Government has already invested £22 million sterling in the project, with £25 million sterling to be allocated to it next year (2015) and an additional £25 million sterling in 2016. That’s a total commitment of £72 million sterling by the Irish Government.

“These are critical pieces of transportation infrastructure connecting Donegal to Dublin and are essential in order for our County and region to progress and develop.

“I have included a breakdown of the funds for both the Donegal County Council and the individual Town Councils. Whilst individual local authorities are responsible under law for the upkeep and maintenance of regional and local roads, it is important to emphasise that these grants supplement local authorities’ own spending on regional and local road projects and do not represent the total investment in regional and local roads for this year.”