Colr says Buncrana needs jobs

Buncrana Town Councillor Ciaran McLaughlin is calling on his fellow councilllors to support his motion at the forthcoming council meeting for a seminar or conference on job creation to be held in Buncrana.

Colr McLaughlin believes that Buncrana could benefit from the same approach

The Sinn Féin councillor said the crippling rate of unemployment in Buncrana and across Donegal is obviously the main concern for me and all local public representatives.

“One in three workers are currently unemployed in Buncrana and over 5000 are out of full time employment across Inishowen; The vast majority unemployed.

“I believe that it is time for Buncrana Town Council to lead the response to this crisis and I am calling for a job creation seminar or conference to be hosted in Buncrana, we all know the impact of this crisis and the problems but we need to have hope and see some solutions or at least, some ideas”.

He continued:

“How do we get Buncrana moving? I believe we can take a positive approach and invite key economic and social stakeholders from our community and listen to examples of good practice from other areas and learn about the positive work that is currently happening in some other regions on this island to maximise the potential of our own resources so as to achieve a greater level of sustainable economic development.

“There is a need to change the language of negativity that is currently prevalent in the media to a language of solutions and opportunities that will see our town and community strengthened and our economic wellbeing enhanced.