Come and do yoga with us Father Colhoun, you’re more than welcome

Ladies taking part in a yoga class
Ladies taking part in a yoga class

A Derry based yoga group have issued an invitation to Father Roland Colhoun to come and try yoga classes with them.

Karen Baldwin and Sophie Dechant of Pole Infinity and Beyond Gravity at Elagh business park say they’d love the Derry priest to come and try out their yoga techniques where they help people suffering from chronic pain.

Father Roland Colhoun hit the headlines last week when he warned parishioners against taking part in yoga and having Indian head message.

However at the Pole Infinity and Beyond Gravity studio where people are taught yoga at their own level, even chair yoga, instructors have asked the priest to come and try it out for himself.

“I would like to invite Father Colhoun to the studio to come and try it out for himself,” said Karen.

“There’s nothing in this studio contradicting any religious belief, all we are doing are focusing on muscle groups, teaching people stretching exercises and relaxation techniques which is promoting mental health well being.

“Don’t judge it until you and come and see it for yourself.”

The studio opened in August and already runs a series of yoga classes for men and women of different abilities.

The techniques have helped a number of people with conditions such as MS, Arthritis, Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue as well as a number of disorders that involve high levels of pain.

“Yoga is for everyone,” said Karen. “It helps improve the quality of lives. It is so good for you.”

One woman attending the chair yoga class said it really helped with pain and to get her balance right.

“I was very apprehensive about coming,” she said. “But it is so welcoming.”

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