Comedian Alice is one to watch for laughs

An aspiring local comedian has been raising laughs online with her parodies of everyday life in the North West.

Alice Diver, who lives “between Killea and Newtowncunningham” has gained thousands of followers just weeks after setting up dedicated facebook and twitter pages.

The 19-year-old’s videos have been liked and shared across the web and she is rapidly gaining a name for herself as a young Irish comedian to watch.

To date, Alice has almost 4,000 likes on facebook and 6000 twitter followers.

In her short videos, she gives a comedic slant to topics such as dating, diets, the difference between Ireland north and south and the things Irish parents do and say.

Speaking to the ‘Journal,’ modest Alice said she was overwhelmed with her success so far. She also revealed how her comedy career was boosted by the death of a popular soap character.

She said: “I’ve been posting videos on my own private facebook page for a while now. They were just for fun for my family and friends. In January, Hayley Cropper died in Coronation Street and I thought it would be funny to ring up Highland Radio enquiring about her funeral arrangements. My friend and I recorded it and put it on youtube. It all kicked off from there. I set up my own page and can’t believe the amount of people who have liked it so far. I really don’t find myself funny, so I’m surprised so many others do.”

Alice said she gains inspiration from the world around her.

“I’ll be out running and an idea will come into my head. Or I’ll see or hear something when I’m out and about. I always check with my mammy first to see if a video is funny or not. I get my sense of humour from her. If she likes it, it goes up online.”

Alice is taking a year out from education and works in her mother’s Letterkenny hair salon, ‘B-Bobs.’ Her dream job would be to have a radio comedy show.

She said: “I think there’s a lack of shows like that. But I’m just going with the flow and seeing where this all goes.”

Alive’s videos can be viewed on facebook, twitter and youtube.