Comic superheroes in town!

Beano illustrator Gary Niorthfield  (0603JB61)
Beano illustrator Gary Niorthfield (0603JB61)

The Verbal Arts Centre is hosting the 2D Northern Ireland Comic Book Festival this weekend.

The event, in its fifth year, has attracted a wealth of artistic talent to Derry. Artists famed for the graphics in Batman, Star Wars, Dan Dare, Spiderman, Transformers, Dr. Who and Futurequake are among those featured.

The graphic artists will be sketching, selling and signing comics all day tomorrow. An equally impressive list of exhibitors’ work will also be on display during the three day festival which commenced on Thursday.

Festival Director David Campbell said: “The evening events are for more mature audiences but the real draw of the fair is on Saturday.”

In fact Saturday seems set to be jam packed.

Mr. Campbell said; “Those attending can buy comics, meet top comic creators, get free sketches of their favourite character or have a Robot version of themselves drawn at the ‘Hi Robot’ booth.”

In addition to the 2D Comic Book Fair, there will be drawing competitions, face painting for children, a Super Mario costume design competition and comedian Bec Hill will be showing people how to be a superhero.

Comic legends Judge Dredd artist, Mick McMahon and Glenn Fabry of Slaine and Preacher comics will also host a conversation with a live audience, while Garry Leach will show you how to create a striking image.

On Friday evening a storytellering workshop will be hosted by Mark Chiarello, Denise Mina and Rob Davis at the Verbal Arts Centre. The three artists will explain and explore their work process from start to finish. This will be followed by a discussion on piracy, creator owned work and copyright.

The panel discussions continue on Saturday evening with a discussion entitled Inside Man (aka The DC Guide to Breaking into Comics) with DC Comics Vice President, Mark Chiarello and guests.

The ‘2D, Northern Ireland Comics Festival,’ is organised by the Verbal Arts Centre and is a completely free festival. It aims to support and promote comic book culture with a series of events held over three days. Come along and enjoy the fun events for all the family. Workshops do need to be pre-booked but all events are free of charge. For more information contact <