Community concern on progress of ‘One Plan’

Activists in Derry’s community and voluntary sector have spoken of their “unswerving” commitment to the city’s regeneration blueprint, the One Plan, and have called for clarity on the issue and exactly who is tasked to move it forward.

The call comes after concerns were raised in the press about the implementation and status of ‘One City - One Plan – One Voice’, which has already been years in the making thanks to the efforts of the region’s community and voluntary sector.

“Let there be no doubt, the Community and Voluntary sector is committed to seeing the One Plan implemented,” said Colin Devine, North-West Community Network representative on the Strategy Board

“The process that produced the plan engaged meaningfully with the diverse communities and interests of the City Region.

“The One Plan encapsulates the needs and priorities identified by all our people, especially those closest to the margins, and this is what gives the One Plan its irrevocable validity.”

The most recent correspondence from the NWCN confirms that the community and voluntary sector is “unswerving in its approach to seeking progress against each of the catalyst projects identified in the One Plan, and their supporting activities”, and they expect the same level of determination across all sectors and stakeholders, including government departments and local statutory agencies.

“The Community & Voluntary sector in the North-West is clear on what is now required - clarity on who is responsible for delivery on each component of the One Plan; reliable and transparent communication about what progress has been or is being made on the One Plan overall and on each of the eleven catalyst projects; identification of barriers to progress and what steps are in place to overcome these barriers and detail on what is required to resource ALL aspects of the One Plan e.g. dedicated departmental resources, new investment and reshaping current budgets.”

Eamonn Baker, Chair of North-West Community Network, said: “We – communities, community groups and citizens - have put a truly amazing amount of effort into creating a plan that meets our needs.

“What we deserve now is to see everyone working effectively, honestly and collaboratively to ensure this plan is implemented.”

NWCN Vice-Chair, Julia Kee, said; “The people of this city have committed to the One Plan – for many this has been a leap of faith – and we have a strong resolve to work on to secure the implementation of the One Plan.

“One City – One Voice – One Plan” remains Our Plan and it requires implementation more than ever.”