Complex staff’s brave attempt to save life of hurt swan

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Lifeguards from Templemore Sports Complex made brave attempts to save an injured swan on Wednesday.

Witnesses saw the bird strike a cable on a large pylon beside the facility before plummeting to the ground on a playing field.

A person who was running in the area raised the alarm at around 4pm and staff at the facility lept into action.

Lifeguard Adrian Kelly went to the scene with gym staff member John Gough after speaking to the RSPB and a local veterinary surgeon.

The men followed the advice they were given in an attempt to save the life of the stricken bird.

“We were told to approach it cautiously and throw a towel on it before trying to lift it,” Adrian said. “As we got near to it became aggressive but we managed to get two towels to cover it when it settled down and then I just lifted it and put it into the boot of a car. We took it to the vet and that’s the last we’ve heard.”

However, despite the brave efforts of the two staff members, the vet was forced to “put it to sleep”, such were the extent of the swan’s injuries.