Concern at growing crime

It’s emerged a Buncrana shop was robbed just weeks after a mum and her children were held at gunpoint during a burglary in their home - sparking fears crime is on the rise.

One former Buncrana Sergeant said he’s not surprised at the seeming increase in crime and reckons it’s down to the financial hardships people are facing because of the economic climate, coupled with our close ‘escape route’ - proximity with the North.

PJ Hallianan, of the Buncrana youth club, was a Garda for nearly 30 years in the area and said while he’s horrified at the recent events in the seaside town it’s sadly a realistic reflection of the times we’re in.

On Tuesday night Buncrana sweet shop Munchies was robbed when two men entered the premises demanding cash from a female shop assistant.

Superintendent Kevin English told the Journal gardai arrested two people shortly after the incident and some of the sum of money that was taken has now been recovered.

While earlier this month three armed men entered a house in Kinnego in Buncrana and held a mum and her three children at gunpoint, stealing a sum of cash and the home owners cars.

Mr Hallinan urged people to remain vigilant and security conscious.

He said: “We have got to be realistic and realise that times that we’re in and because of the financial hardships people are facing or for whatever reason crimes are taking place.

“Crime is a funny thing, it comes and goes in waves for no particular reason but in times of a recession there is a bigger demand.

“I would be inclined to condition people to be vigilant and be more careful and take no chances because people can sometimes be too complacent and they are inclined to forget but there’s always an opportunist out there to take advantage of a situation.”

And because of our close proximity to the border Mr Hallinan said it makes Inishowen an ‘easy target’.

He added: “We have suffered greatly over the many years because of our extremely close proximity to the border because every so often we would have an incident where crime is committed and they run across the border and they are gone that’s it.

“That’s the reality of it, we are vulnerable here.

“But it happens both sides too.

“The most important thing is people are vigilant and alert and to inform the Gardai of suspicious activity.”