Concern at police searches

Dissident republicans in Derry have claimed there has been an upsurge in searches of their families’ homes.

The claim was made after a number of search operation in recent days, including one on Beechwood Avenue yesterday morning.

A public meeting was held in Creggan last week organised by a number of community groups to highlight the concerns of people in the area about police tactics, particularly around searches.

A spokesperson for the 32 County Sovereignty Movement said he believes there has been an increase in searches since the meeting and claimed it is a deliberate tactic by the PSNI.

A spokesperson for Creggan Neighbourhood Partnership said: “It is very evident that there is a lot of anger and resentment simmering beneath the surface in Creggan as a result of certain police tactics and activities.

“But what seems to concern those being targeted by the police stop and search techniques is an apparent indifference within the community generally, and on the part of local politicians and community organisations, including those with a specific human rights remit.”