Concern over ‘Dial a Drink’ service

A body set up in Derry to combat alcohol misuse has said it is concerned about the emergence of a late night booze delivery service on the internet.

A spokeswoman for the Civic Alcohol Forum says it has also passed on details of the Dial-a-Drink service, currently being promoted on a social network site, to the PSNI.

“The Civic Alcohol Forum (CAF) is very concerned that such a service is being advertised to the public in Derry,” the spokeswoman says.

“The licensing and sale of alcohol is matter for the police and the CAF has passed on the information we have received to the PSNI to investigate any potential breaches of licensing legislation.”

The Dial-a-Drink facebook page says its service launched in Derry last Monday. It says it will deliver alcohol to people in Derry between the hours of 10pm and 5am seven days a week. An initial post encouraged potential customers to be “the ‘VERY’ first 2 place your D.A.D order and get 10% discount on first order.”

A mobile phone number is also listed while the site further advises a price list “will be up shortly.”