Concern over fight warning

Community groups have expressed concern at a stark police warning about “the possibility of pre-arranged fights” in Limavady.

PSNI Limavady posted the warning on their Facebook page on Saturday and warnedof the dangers involved and urged parents to take responsibility for their children.

“We are giving you fair and due warning that anyone caught engaging in this kind of incident will face the very real possibility of being arrested and put before the courts. Think about what you are doing and do not get involved.

A spokesperson from the Glens Community Association said it was “very concerning” and said “someone could be badly hurt, or worse. All we can do is talk to young people and warn them of the dangers involved and hope they aren’t involved.”

A spokesperson for the Roe Valley Residents Association agreed, and said it was “scary to think it could be happening”, and said it illustrates the need for more funding for youth intervention and youth workers across Limavady to tackle such issues.