Concern over Limavady fight footage

An image from the fight footage posted on Facebook.
An image from the fight footage posted on Facebook.

Community representatives in Limavady have expressed concern after footage of a pre-arranged fight in Limavady surfaced on the internet.

The footage, posted on the social media site Facebook, was uploaded on October 5th, two days after police warned about the possibility of a pre-arranged fight in the town and the dangers involved. Police said at the time: “This was the first time we had heard suggestions of pre-plans for fights in Limavady.”

The footage shows two males fighting as a group of up to a dozen people look on. The males throw punches and wrestle and are jeered on by onlookers, some who shout ‘punch him sir, Go on ... get the headbutt in.’ At the end of the fight the two males shake hands and walk away.

The footage, which is 1.09 minutes long, has been viewed 10,000 times.

Community representatives warn such incidents “could end in tragedy.”

A community representative said: “When you look at the fight, it’s really nothing more than ‘handbags at dawn’ but the serious side to it is that all it takes is one punch and it could end in tragedy.

“It is shocking and appalling behaviour. It’s worrying because you worry, is this the start of something in Limavady? It’s desperate.”

Police in the town warn whether they occur spontaneously or are pre-planned “‘fights’ have the potential for serious consequences for those involved”.

“Indeed, our warning is that one punch can kill. Sadly, there are families that have to endure the pain of losing a loved-one through violence.

“Equally clear is that those who cause the death of someone else face a long custodial sentence upon conviction,” said a PSNI spokesperson.

“If anyone becomes aware of plans to set up fights, we would ask them to contact police with as much information as possible so that we can try to prevent them occurring. If anyone has been injured or affected in any way by a ‘pre-planned fight’, we would ask them to contact police in Limavady on the 101 number.”