Concern thanks Derry for raising £167,000 this year

Charity Concern Worldwide has said thanks to the people of Derry for raising £167,776.11 this year.

Despite the recession, Derry’s public dug deep in 2012 to help those in need and Peter Anderson, Head of Concern Worldwide, NI has written to the Derry Journal to say thanks to all those in the city who donated to the charity. “This year the people of Derry City donated approximately £167,776.11 to Concern Worldwide. Even with the economic downturn, the pressure of family budgets and the increasing demands on local charities, responding to the needs of the poorest people in the world remains a priority for the readers of the Derry and Sunday Journal. It is only through support like yours that our work is possible. However, while so much has been achieved this year, the fact remains that 1 in 8 people will go to bed hungry tonight. But I hope that with your ongoing support we can continue with the fight against hunger together,” he added.