Concerns over heating

Residents in Beechwood Crescent want a change in their heating systems, local councillor Colly Kelly has said.

Colr. Kelly said people living in an apartment complex in the area have raised concerns that they all have to pay the same rate for their heating, regardless of how much they use.

The cityside representative said some residents are struggling to pay their fuel bills.

“Sinn Féin carry out regular door-to-door surveys in the area and one of the issues that was raised recently was concerns over heating prices in Beechwood Crescent.

“I have spoken to residents and some said the current payment system, where everyone pays the same fee for heating, is unacceptable. Some of these residents are not using their heat much but are paying the same as others who have it on a lot.

“The fee does not change throughout the year and some residents have said they have to open the windows in the summer because it is so warm,” he said.

Colr Kelly said he will raise the issue with the owners of the building. “We will be working in partnership with Apex to find a solution to the concerns of these residents,” he said.