Concerns raised over wind farm development

Kinnego Bay.
Kinnego Bay.

A campaign against the erection of wind turbines near Kinnego Bay is continuing to gain momentum, with Inishowen county councillors this week calling for a halt to the development.

An Bord Pleanala previously granted permission, with conditions, for the erection of the two turbines at Crockbrack Hill. The application had been refused by Donegal County Council.

At this week’s Inishowen Municipal District meeting, Councillor Bernard McGuinness queried why a judicial enquiry into this decision by An Bord Pleanala did not take place. He said the wider community was “very much against” the development, adding it should be “stopped and a judicial enquiry held” into why it was given the go-ahead by the Board despite advice to the contrary from their own inspector.

Councillor McGuinness also queried if the Council could seek a court injunction to stop the development going ahead. This was widely supported by all councillors.

Donegal County Council confirmed to the ‘Journal’ that a warning letter in relation to certain aspects of the development “was clarified by the developer to our satisfaction and that particular matter is now closed and is no longer an issue.”

They added: “However, other separate matters continue to be investigated.”

The ‘Journal’ contacted the developer but he did not wish to comment.

Last week, a ‘trial run’ of the 43-metre lorry used to transport the parts to the site took place, travelling through Muff and into Moville.

Councillor Martin Farren told councillors the lorry did not succeed in getting to the site, with difficulties at ‘Bonner’s Corner.’

Councillor Farren said he has “major concerns” the vehicles would not be able to go around the corner, adding he was worried “considerable damage” would be caused.

He said: “One of the things that stands out is the tree in Moville. This lorry had no blades on it and was empty so it could close the trailer. That can’t happen when theres a load on it. I’d be scared not just of the length but of the width.”

Donegal County Council confirmed that nine applications for Wide load/Abnormal permits have been submitted to Donegal County Council by Mar-train Heavy Haulage in respect of Crockbrack Wind Farm.

They said: “Six applications for short loads have been permitted and three further applications for long loads are still being considered and a decision on these applications will be made in due course.”