Contraception causes marriage break-up, claims Tyrone author

A controversial new book claiming that contraception is the cause of many marriage break-ups is being launched in Derry's Broomhill Hotel tonight at 7.30pm.

Entitled, 'Who is at the Centre of Your Marriage, the Pill or Jesus Christ?' the book has been written by Tyrone man, Patrick McCrystal, who says "forty years of contraception has reaped a bitter harvest".

Mr. McCrystal, a husband, father and qualified pharmacist, could not obtain employment for three years as a result of deciding to no longer dispense the contraceptive pill on conscience grounds due to what he claimed was "its abortion-causing nature". He published his first book on the abortifacient nature of the contraceptive pill in 1996.

In his new book, he claims that to maximise their marital harmony, a husband and wife must avoid contraception absolutely.

He says the book offers a life-line to couples whose marriages are struggling and claims more and more couples are discovering that by rejecting contraception their marriages are being transformed.

Written from a medical, social, statistical, historical and faith viewpoint the book cites professional opinion, scientific, statistical evidence and the stories of a series of married couples' experiences, which, according to Mr. McCrystal show how contraception is a crucial factor in marital disintegration.

The principal aim, added Mr McCrystal, is "to highlight contraception's destructive role in marriage as well as outlining just why contraception is wrong."

"For too long, contraception promotion has gone virtually unchallenged. Contraception is the unspoken cause of too much marriage break-up," he says.

The official launch of the book which took place earlier this week in Belfast was attended by Tyrone Football manager Mickey Harte and tonight's Derry launch is part of an all-Ireland speaking tour being undertaken by Mr. McCrystal.

The Tyrone author has also commended the comments of Pope Benedict on contraception in Africa, commenting: "Chastity before marriage and fidelity after it is the only way to truly combat AIDS. The Pope is right. European condom imperialism is not the answer. The battle against contraception is not over so long as one married couple uses contraception."