Contractor painted wrong markings

The road markings at the junction are now correct.
The road markings at the junction are now correct.

Last week if you wanted to drive straight down Abercorn Road at the Bishop Street traffic light junction you had to position your car in the right hand lane.

This week if you want to go in the same direction you’ll have to go in the left hand lane.

Confused? So are the residents of Bishop Street who say they’ve had a number of near misses after the road markings in the road were changed overnight without prior warning or signage.

One local woman said: “It is shocking. I drove up the flyover and nearly caused an accident because I was in the wrong lane. Why have the same lane for people turning right into Bishop Street, it makes no sense whatsoever.”

Last night a Roads Service spokesperson admiited that they had carried out an inspection of the works at the junction and identified that the new road markings were wrong.

“We immediately instructed the contractor to rectify the matter,” he said.

“This has now been completed and the markings are correct. The permanent markings are scheduled to be laid following completion of the works.”

SDLP Foyle MLA Pat Ramsey welcomed news that the confusing signage error has now been rectified.

He said: “I am glad that Roads Service have moved quickly to rectify what was a very worrying mistake by a contractor that caused huge concern and anxiety to drivers who had contacted my office.

“I am informed that a contractor mistakenly put in place the wrong temporary road signs, and we were lucky not to have received reports of collisions as a result.

“I want to pay tribute to Roads Service who acted quickly to rectify this matter and I am satisfied that residents of the area and drivers alike can now again travel through the junction safely.”