Contractors blamed for city power cut

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dj news

Almost two thousand homes and businesses on the West bank of the Foyle were left without power for a period on Wednesday evening.

The shortage was, said NIE due to “contractor damage to high voltage underground cables” on the west of the Foyle Road. NIE said the contractor had: “not following correct procedures” and failed to report the fault “which slowed the restoration process.”

The ‘Journal’ was contacted by a number of residents who explained their power had been cut off late Wednesday afternoon. NIE engineers were able to reconnect 1,455 of the 1,700 affected housholds within two hours. Homes as far apart as Creggan Heights and the Foyle Road were affected.

The incident occurred at 4.22pm, all homes were reconnected by 7.14pm stated NIE.

Northern Ireland Electricity has “once again” warned all contractors working in the vicinity of underground electricity cables to follow strict safety guidelines.

Fiona McClintock, NIE Customer Relations Manager for the area, once again urged contractors working in the vicinity of underground cables to follow safety precautions prior to work commencing.

She told the ‘Journal;’ “This is another example of contractors not following correct procedures when working near electricity equipment and in this case the incident was not reported to NIE which slowed the restoration process.